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Great foods to snack on while studying!

Start your 2019 studying off with the best study snacks! These food items are generally healthy, however there are one or two in the list that are a little naughty. How else are you supposed to get through your whole reading list without at least a little sugar..? So, here are some great foods to snack on while studying!

*I recommend eating these study foods alongside a healthy and balanced lifestyle* 🙂



Snack Number One – Plain Popcorn


Plain popcorn? I know, but hear me out. Popcorn by itself, without all of the flavours added to it, is actually low in calories. So, it’s a great treat to mindlessly snack on while you are studying, and wishing you were at the cinema with friends!



Snack Number Two – Dried Fruits


A packet of banana chips

Ok, this one sounds a little grim. But I promise you there are some great fresh fruit alternatives out there that taste pretty great. Dried apricots are sweet, and if sugar is what you are craving try some banana chips! These are basically bananas coated in sugar, which taste far too good!


Snack Number Three – Smarties


Let’s face it. These candies are the holy grail of small confectionery. I recommend treating yourself to one each time you finish a certain amount of work, say a chapter. That way you don’t finish the packet in 5 minutes, and get a well deserved reward for making it through the most boring textbook known to man.



Snack Number Four – Rice Cakes


a packet of snack a Jacks (Caramel flavour, my favourite!)

Plain rice cakes with a little butter on them can fill you up when you are aimlessly snacking due to boredom. They don’t have loads of calories in them, and you will find yourself filling up after a few. You will need a drink of water because they are pretty dry! However, you can get some nice flavours of them and the caramel ones are to die for!



Snack Number Five – Trail Mix


Ok, so this one is not the healthiest option. But, in our defence, nuts are good for your brain and raisins are a fruit, right? For those of you not in The United States of America, you can make your own trail mix. Head to the store and pick out a couple items, like your favourite nuts, some dried fruits, granola and small chocolates. (You can use the smarties you bought earlier)

Although this mixture tastes great, make sure you portion it out. Eat too much and you won’t be hungry for dinner! I suggest filling a cup with some mixture, and snacking on it while you write an essay!



Snack Number Five – Chewing Gum


Ok, so the term snack is being used lightly here. Oh goodness, please do not eat the chewing gum I repeat, do not eat the chewing gum! This is a pretty cool snack to eat, as chewing on gum while studying for exams is proven to help you retain information. You can read more about that here.

Its also good because instead of the traditional snack, gum wont fill you up before dinner, since you aren’t really consuming anything!



Snack Number Six – Fruit Winder


Fru8it winders - Double flavours so strawberry and blackcurrant. Lovely!

Here is a throwback to your packed lunch days at school! These are a good on-the-go snacks as well as a quick bite to eat while studying. Fruit Winders, as well as general fruit bars are great for a mid morning or after lunch study snack!



Snack Number Seven – Carrots and Houmous


This is an absolute staple in our household for a good snack. We especially love the Nando’s version you can find in supermarkets which is houmous and chilli oil. This is such a tasty snack, and you can use celery, carrots or even toast up some flatbread and have a cheeky snack in the comfort of your own home!



Snack Number Eight – Breakfast Bars/ Granola Bars


These are really tasty and a great source of energy. Also, they are mostly healthier than eating a chocolate bar, but some have chocolate pieces in them. The taste and variety of flavours of these bars you can get are a great bonus, so there is definitely something for everybody.


Happy study snacking everyone 🙂 If you snack on any of these foods while studying, let me know in the comments! Please share this article and subscribe to our newsletter to join The LazzzyStudent Family 🙂



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