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How to be organised at university

Ever feel like you could be more organised at university? Read on for some practical tips on staying organised throughout your time at university!

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Here are some top tips on staying organised at university!


Tip Number One


Ok, so I know that this first one is cliche, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to remain organised this semester. So, the first things you should do is *drum roll please* Buy yourself a diary. Write things down!


A picture of a 2019 diary


Keep everything in one place.

Every time you have a seminar, lecture, meeting or gym day, write it down in your diary! If you are not a physical diary type person, use your phone calendar! This ensures that you will never miss a meeting and therefore, you are staying organised at university!


If you really struggle to keep organised, set daily alarms on your phone for meetings/lectures/seminars so that you never miss a day! This will help to ensure that you are staying organised in university!


*Top Tip* Write down the due dates of your library books in your diary as soon as you get them to avoid late penalty fees!



Tip Number Two


This tip is a lesser known one, but I have found this the best way to organise your notes at university! Use jotters, not ring binders. Otherwise stuff gets lost!

This is a picture of jotters with coloured, stripey spines. This is to ensure you can pick a different colour, or if you cannot see colours, perhaps feel, for different jotters per subject!

You can pick these jotters up here.*

Trust me. If your plan is to bring a ring binder with an A4 pad of paper into university, and then come back to your room and neatly file them away, you are in for failure. Bits of paper will start flying around the place, getting crushed at the bottom of your bag, and get lost.


Don’t let this happen to you! Get ahead of the curve and buy a different coloured jotter for each of your subjects instead! Label them and then bring them with you each day. Just don’t loose them!


*Top tip* colour coding is a great way to associate colours with subjects. I’ll bet you remember that blue is Maths and English is red from school, or a variation of this. This is because your mind likes to strongly associate colours with things. So, turn your subjects into colours and keep it consistent throughout all of your supplies for each!



Tip Number Three


Print out a timetable and stick it in your diary! This will help you to keep track of your weekly schedule.


I suggest writing down your lectures and seminars on your timetable, and any weekly extra curricular’s like clubs and societies. Don’t forget to write down the rooms either! This is super helpful when you are early on in the semester, so you don’t waste time flicking through your online portal clinging on to rubbish wifi signal while you are running late for a room!


*Top tip* Make sure to check module outlines for any changes to rooms/lecture times that can occur throughout the semester. Write these down in your diary if you don’t want one week’s change on your timetable!



Tip Number Four


Write all deadlines for your courses on a piece of paper, date them, and tick them off when they are done. Keep a copy in your diary and glue them to the inside of each jotter. This will ensure that you stay organised with your deadlines this semester!


An example sheet of deadlines for university due in date order.


Also, it is advisable to keep your tutors contact emails given in your module outline on this sheet, so there is an easy place you can find it when necessary!



Tip Number Five


Make a menu for your weekly cooking. Then, correlate the grocery list with this so that you always know what to cook for which day. You can find a grocery list and meal ideas here!


Adding on from above, batch cook and put meals in the freezer, so that you can reheat instead of ordering a takeout! This means you can stay organised and never go hungry! Yey for leftovers!



Tip Number Six


This one is especially important for keeping your studies organised! Keep a backup of your computer documents!


If you don’t own a hard drive to back your files up on, send yourself the document before you close your computer for the night. This is especially important when you are writing your dissertation! You do not want to loose all of your hard work!



Going on from the theme of organising your university work, organise your bag, outfit and breakfast the night before. No more running around trying to find something to wear and being late for your lecture! Plan everything the day before!



Tip Number Seven


Don’t accumulate too much stuff! It is easier to stay organised with less stuff lying around! If you are moving into university soon, make sure you follow this list so that you stay concise!






Having less stuff means that you won’t get bogged down in unnecessary mess! It is scientifically proven that a messy space leads to stress. So, do yourself a favour and declutter! A healthy mind will help you to make sure you are staying organised at university!



Tip Number Eight

Try to get assignments done two days before the due date. This will ensure that you stay on top of your studies, and have time to check your work before submitting it. Being organised avoids the stress of that last minute rush before the deadline to submit everything. So, get everything ready to submit the night before, then turn in your essay with ease!



*Top Tip* If you get to pick things like a presentation date, make sure it doesn’t coincide with other deadlines. Give yourself less work, and try to find the best gap when choosing elected deadlines! This should be easy if you follow the first tips and use a diary and timetable!



Tip Number Nine


Find out which kind of learner you are by clicking here, and study smart! A key to staying organised at university is studying smarter, not harder. The less time you waste on ineffective study methods, the more time you have to do the fun things that university has to offer!


Tip Number Ten


Make yourself a routine, then stick to it! I’m not saying that your days should be the same thing day in and day out. But, having a routine can help you remain organised and stress free!



You may not actively think about it, but brushing your teeth every day is a routine you have been in since you were little. I bet you don’t stress about it either, because its second nature. That’s what we are aiming to get to with university routines!



So, we will start with your night-time routine. The reason for this, is that to have a productive day, you need to have had a great routine the night before. Make sure you always put aside 30 minutes at night to practise self-love. Whether its yoga, meditation or reading a book, just make sure it makes you feel great.



*Top tip* Try not to have caffeine before bed, as it can keep you up! Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your phones blue light also has an adverse effect on getting a good night’s sleep. So, try to stay off it for at least 30 minutes before bed.



As mentioned in an earlier tip, organise yourself the night before. Then, it’s off to get a good night’s sleep.


When you wake up, have a morning routine. Eat a good breakfast and follow a routine each day. This way you will not be running around stressed, and you will be able to keep on top of staying organised at university!


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