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How to deal with being homesick at university

So, its your first week or maybe even your fourth month. You are sitting in your pokey student room, crying on the bed after a long day, trying to find your way around the maze that is university.


We have all been there. I promise you that it gets better.


It sucks, but It is completely normal to feel homesick and insecure, like you are struggling to find your feet. You have more than likely grown up with the same guardians around you for many years, perhaps since you were a kid.



You are used to seeing them every day before and after school, and having people you love and trust to talk to 24/7. Suddenly, you have moved away from home, probably for the first time, and you are sitting on your bed feeling lost.



Sometimes it can feel like university is not for you when you are feeling isolated, but you will start feeling more at home soon!


If, after a good old try, you still feel like you don’t love it, then we can look at other options. But for now, listed below are 5 things you can do to take your mind off of feeling homesick. Give them at try!



Here are 5 things you can do to take your mind off of feeling homesick!  


  • Phone home! Facetime your loved ones and friends from home. It will make you feel a little more normal, and you will feel a little more grounded talking to the people who care about you the most.
  • Go to all of the Freshers events! I know it may seem daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone. But making friends through the Freshers event’s at your university is a sure fire way to get you out of your rut! This goes for joining clubs and societies too!
  • Cook for yourself (and perhaps even your flatmates) a hearty home cooked meal! Creature comforts are real, and your favourite feel good dinner is one of them! Whether its a burger you fancy, or lasagne, get your chef hat on and call your mum for her recipe! This is sure to make you happier and help you adjust to university life. If you can’t go home, bring a little bit of home to you!
  • Decorate! Decorating your new student room is a fun way to take your mind off of feeling a little homesick. Get your new friends together and go on a trip to the local charity and budget shops in town! Pick up some fairy lights, candles and a few posters to make yourself a little paradise of your own! *Top tip* Bring a few small decorations from home to help the adjustment period of moving away for the first time. 
  • Have a movie night! Order in some pizza with your new flatmates/friends and pull up a film on someone’s Netflix account! Or, make a day of it. Head into your local town and see what’s on! If staying in isn’t your thing, head out for a night on the town! Put on your favourite outfit and head to a bar or club with a friend! Remember to drink responsibly!



For now, go get yourself a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, you deserve it 🙂 You have made a huge transition in your life! You have worked hard to get into university, and you are going to do great! I believe in you. 


*Edit* Here is a wonderful suggestion from a reader! Believe in yourself and allow yourselves time to adjust and remember that you’ll not be the only one feeling the way you do.


Did these tips help you? What do you do to feel better when you feel homesick at university? Leave a comment below!

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  • Karen Petrie

    Great idea and I’m sure will be a great help to the newbies! I can remember leaving home at age 18 , straight out of school, and feeling terribly homesick….everything you’ve said is good advice …I would maybe add ” believe in yourself and allow yourselves time to adjust and remember that you’ll not be the only one feeling the way you do”

    • Georgia

      Thank you Karen! What a wonderful suggestion 😀 I will be sure to add your lovely advice.