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The best ways to save money at university!

From DIY to some harsh truths about spending money on takeouts, this blog post covers the best ways to save money at university 🙂


Tip One


Shop for your clothes in charity shops! People seem to shy away from charity shops, but in doing so, they are cheating themselves out of some awesome bargains! Shopping at second hand stores ensures you save money while still getting quality products!


Charity shop clothes are usually in great condition still,
if not slightly worn in. You can accept this however, as you are getting
unbelievable bargains! Most charity shop clothes I have bought have still had
the original tags on, as people tend to be giving away something they may have
only worn once or twice at most!


I found this awesome jacket at a charity shop earlier this year, and it cost me a fraction of what it originally would have, had I bought it new from a store! Perfect condition, likely barely worn, and under £15. Bargain!


Tip Two


Always write a list when you are going out shopping. This is important for everything you buy including clothes and food! This means that you stay focused and only spend money which you have put aside for the items, thus saving money! Also, don’t shop when you are hungry! You will spend an extra £15 on unhealthy snacks because you saw them and couldn’t resist!


Tip Three


When food shopping, always be looking for a sale or bargain. Wednesday’s at around 8pm tends to be the top secret time that it is best to visit the reduced section in Morrison’s. It is usually only good for that night’s dinner as most things go off the same or next day though, so leave this one for the same night, not your weekly shop! Check out this blog post about shopping on a budget!


Shopping little but often is a sure fire way to save money at university! This ensures less chance of items going out of date, no food waste and less money wasted!


Tip Four


Do It Yourself! If you are trying to stick within a budget, which is already difficult after rent wipes out your student loan, make things! If someone’s birthday or Christmas is coming up, it can be cheaper and more personal to make someone’s gift.


Why grab a piece of card and use the stationary you already have to make someone a lovely birthday card! This is a perfect option when you are trying to save money at university!


Or, you can make them something super personal but still inexpensive. For example, grab a box frame online for a couple of pounds, and get creative! Go outside and grab leaves, pebbles or scrabble tiles and make a lovely picture which they can cherish! This costs much less than buying an expensive gift, and will mean a lot to the person receiving it.


If you aren’t much of a do it yourself kind of person, but you are still on a budget, charity shops can be a great place to find new items which are in perfect condition! Most charity shops sell brand new items, and shops like Oxfam sell new quality books too, which make great gifts in a pinch!


Tip Five


Save a little bit of money every week. Whether it is £5 or £1, it is important to put some money away so that when you do need to spend it, you have it! Wash out an old tin or jar next time you finish one and start putting all of your spare change in it! You will soon accumulate some money which can be put into your savings account!


It is possible to save money at university when you do it in small increments!


Remember, it is ok to treat yourself once in a while though! So also make sure to mark out a date on your calendar when you are allowed to eat out or buy yourself something small!


Tip Six


Eat out less! I know it is tempting to order takeout’s and go out to dinner a lot, but it wastes so much money! Treating yourself every now and then is totally alright, I actually encourage it. You work hard, you deserve some good food! However, the more you spend on takeaways and clubbing, the less you have for important things like groceries and rent!


Don’t stop having a great time, that’s a huge part of what university is for! But, remember that you also need to survive and pay your bills! (Harsh, but true!)


Tip Seven


Pay for things in advance, or in bulk for the best discounts! If you know that you will be taking the bus every day of semester, buy a yearly or monthly bus pass! If you know you are going to go through supplies such as toilet roll, buy in bulk!


I know that space is pretty limited in student accommodation, however, it costs less for things the more you buy. (Generally) So, make sure you buy in bulk and plan ahead where possible. It helps save those coins!


Tip Eight


Go to Freshers and Re-Freshers Fairs! These are usually packed with stalls like local pizza stores who will be giving out free discount coupons! This gives you a great, free way to save money at university by using coupons!


*Top Tip* Sign up for supermarket email lists and cards such as Tesco Club Cards and Morrison’s More cards. These are free and if you scan them every time you shop, eventually your points will add up to money you can spend in store. It may only be enough for a tin of beans, but its a free tin of beans! Plus, you can get discounts through your email subscriptions!


Tip Nine


Use your student status! Using your student card for a discount in stores is a great way to save money at university! Lots of high street stores have a student discount just waiting to be utilised! Make sure you ask every time you get to the cash register. You never know!


P.S Greggs do a deal where you get a free donut or piece of fruit when you buy a meal with a valid student card. You are welcome.

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