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Choosing the right university for you.

Choosing the right University for you can be a struggle. Picking the wrong one can lead to a lacklustre experience. So it’s super important to make an educated decision on which Uni to pick!

Here are my top 5 tips on how to choose a great University you are sure to enjoy!


Tip Number One.


Location, location, location!

This is a picture of Edinburgh from underneath Waverly bridge.

Are you a city person who gets excited by the hustle and bustle of an ever changing city? Or a more subdued type who would rather walk through a quiet, small village?

These characteristics can prove vital when picking a University to attend.


If you love the busy streets and perhaps don’t mind busy public transport, then city based campuses are for you! Thriving with a diverse city centre and busy shops, you are sure to find your niche! If having countless options for your morning coffee spot, and a healthy mixture of restaurants then look for campuses that are spread across a major city, like Glasgow or New York!


On the other hand, if a quiet, picturesque campus with a smaller village sounds divine, then look for smaller inclusive campuses such as The University of Stirling.


Although I have a bias because I am currently a fourth year student there, it is absolutely beautiful. I did visit a few universities before making my decision, just to be sure that Stirling was the one. It is important to give yourself a few options to choose between. As soon as I set foot on the campus, I knew. I just, felt like it was a home away from home. When you know, you know I guess..!


Another thing to consider is how close the University in question is to home.

If you are feeling homesick, or you are commuting every day, how many hours away is the university?


On the other hand, you may decide to move further away for some independence. Just make sure to also check transport links if you decide you might want to go home during the holidays.



Tip Number Two


Subject choice and current graduate prospects!

Before applying to University you’ll need to have narrow down which subject that you would like to apply for, or at least like me have a few options and a slightly generic UCAS form.


Subjects such as Law and Medicine have to follow certain core subjects, many arts and humanities based subjects are flexible with their units. So, take a look at different Universities prospectus, as they will cover different elements of your subject.


The universities generally list their units and core modules online with a description, so check these out to make sure they interest you!

*BONUS TIP* Make sure you check out their clubs and societies too, and make sure there are some you are keen to join! It’s a great way to socialise, make friends, and even find a new hobby!


It is also worth checking out what the graduates of your subject went on to do after leaving that university. It gives you an idea of the percentages of students who needed up in the sector you may be considering,which can be a great insight when choosing the right university for you.


After all, you are paying all of that money for your degree, it would be worth while making sure it will get you to where you want to go!


Tip Number Three


Attend the open days!


I know that travelling hours to attend an open day on a rainy Tuesday afternoon doesn’t always sound Important, but it can make a world of difference in aiding your decision making!


Seeing the university in person can change your whole perspective, a decision that can sometimes be difficult to make just from pictures alone. Plus, there are usually freebies, who doesn’t love free stuff? You will also be able to ask some current students what they really think of studying there!


Also, keep up to date with university rankings!


University rankings are a great way to know where your subject and potential university stands nationally and internationally. If it is important to you or your job prospects to graduate from a prestigious university, check these out!


Along those lines, make sure that you check whether your degree is going to be accredited by the correct organisations. For instance, if you are studying Psychology, make sure that it is British Psychological Society approved!

This can mean the difference between being qualified and not, so it’s always best to check which accreditation’s you are aiming for! This is super important to factor in when choosing the right university for you!


Even if you don’t decide to go to the uni that you visited, you might figure out what will or won’t work for you.


Tip number four


Take your time, start prepping early.


UCAS deadlines appear months before you head off to university! Make sure you begin thinking about your potential university’s at least one year before you apply!


This gives you time to visit all of them at least once. Although, I recommend visiting them once on an open day and once to take a walk around mid-semester. This ensures that you see the campus in a real life setting as well as dressed up for the open day. Coming off-application season will also give you the chance to speak to faculty and current students to see what it is really like to study there!

Make sure you check whether an appointment is necessary for any visits you are planning!


Good luck figuring out what university is going to work for you! Feel free to leave a comment or question and I will do my best to help 🙂

What is important to you when choosing a university? Leave a comment below!

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