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Starting a YouTube Channel?

I love writing blog posts for you lazzzy students whenever I can. Which got me thinking…What other ways could I reach out and help as many students as possible in easily consumable content? Then it dawned on me. I should start a YouTube channel.

This channel is already created, but there is nothing on it as of yet. It’s been an idea that I have had in the works for some time now, but I am only just realising that it would be a great way to deliver quality content for when you don’t necessarily want to read a blog post.

This channel is going to be filled with loads of cool things, like tips on university, advice on life, Q and A’s, DIY’s and so much more!

I haven’t got an official starting date for you at this moment, but make sure to subscribe so that you are the first to get notified when I upload my first video! I’m hoping one video a week, at least at the start. P.S the launch should be happening around September time!

I ran a poll on Twitter and people seemed to be pretty open to the idea. So, that’s great. Please comment below, or get in touch via social media if you have any requests or ideas.

I’ll be holding my first Q and A once I reach 150 Twitter followers, so not too long to go 😀 If you have any questions just tweet me! Make sure to include #lazzzystudent

Ask anything about university life, studying, making friends, relationship advice, whatever you would like. I want to be as helpful as possible about as many things as possible for you guys!

So, other than that, there are not many more exciting updates. Still writing my dissertation. So, apologies if I have not been as active as I had hoped. I hope to see you all soon for the launch of my new YouTube channel 🙂


In the meantime, why not check out my review on The Good Place. I recommend it for some quality entertainment!


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