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How to start 2020 the right way! Taking accountability for our goals.

So, we are starting 2020 off the right way and then carrying our goals forward!

Hello all of you Lazzzy Students! I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year 🙂 Now let us make sure you are ready to kick start when uni goes back and that we are taking accountability for our goals.

Firstly, you need to get organised!

Check out this article and this YouTube Video for some great tips on How To Organise Yourself At University. This is such an important step, because even if you have the best intentions for starting this year right, it will be difficult to stick to. Organisation is something I genuinely struggle with. These are some tips I wish I had utilised back when I was in first year!

Know your learning type and how you study best!

What better time to find out your learning type than the start of a new year? Going into a new semester knowing the ways in which you learn best is so important for your overall success! Are you a visual learner, or do you prefer to gain knowledge through audio cues? Click here to read all about different learning types and start this year studying smarter not harder!

Get into the right headspace!

So, now that you have bought a planner and calendar and you are an organisation pro, it is time to get into the right headspace! Whether you like yoga or mindfulness, it is essential that you take some time every day to take care of your mental health. One thing that I have tried recently is writing down everything I am grateful for each night before I go to bed. I am not quite organised enough to have a dedicated planner yet, so I am just using my phone notes. However I am finding a genuinely big difference in my daily life.

I read somewhere that instead of saying ‘I have to’ we should try ‘I get to’ and it has changed my whole outlook.

Instead of setting my mind-set to automatic struggle mode, I am slowly retraining it to be thankful instead. Yes, minimum wage can suck and we don’t always love our uni work. But if you take a second to realise that you are lucky that you can work, it really causes a shift in mindset.

Once you have prepared yourself for semester the most important part of all of this is going to be holding yourself accountable throughout the year. Starting off right is half the battle, but you can’t give up on being on top of things a week or two in! I am so guilty of this! Starting something and only carrying it on for so long…So, let’s hold each other accountable! You cannot just ‘get organised’ and expect everything to fall into place. We need to work on taking accountability our goals!

I challenge you to comment down below, or send me a Tweet! Get Social!

Share your goals with me and let’s make sure we get through them together. I have been told that it only takes twenty-one days to form a habit. So lets make sure that we don’t just start 2020 right, but that we carry on making ourselves accountable for our goals and thriving!

I look forward to hearing about your goals and us holding each other accountable!

Until next time 🙂


Lead Content Creator for The Lazzzy Student x