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That awkward gap between university and your life.

So, you have just recently finished your degree, and spent your summer partying it up! Or maybe you went to a summer camp to work hard throughout the summer, just like me 🙂 Either way, there is this period of time after graduating which can hit you like a tonne of bricks. That’s okay, it’s hitting me too. What are we meant to do after university?

No matter what grade classification we get, there comes a day when we finish university, and we need to enter the real world. That sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Especially if you still don’t know exactly what you want to do. 

Summer finishes soon, and after that, the hard reality of having to pay rent and bills sets in. The fears and anxiety fill your brain, while you slowly come to the realisation that you need your first full time job after university.

Thoughts such as; ‘Where do I even begin?’ ‘What do I even want to do with my life?’ start to sink in. The flurry of ideas, good and bad, begin piling up, until all that you are left with is some crumpled paper by the bin near your desk. 


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I want to do so many things. Each completely different. I want to be a blogger, a film director, a restaurant owner and a police officer. I want to direct films while simultaneously working on the next big cold case. Well, maybe not simultaneously, but still! I would love to dip my feet into event planning, while using my social media skills to start another brand. I want to travel the world, but also to work from home. 

My ideas are all over the place right now. And that is okay. 

It took me a long time to overcome the anxiety that comes with the ‘what ifs.’ The pressure that your family and society instil in you to, ‘Go out and get a real job.’ 

It started by me not getting the degree classification I had counted on. Within the time it takes for the loading screen to refresh, my results came in. And I had lost most of the job offers I had been given. Amongst the slamming of a door and the crying, I found some light. Acceptance. This changed my career trajectory. Something which the Type A personality in me could not seem to unstick from. My life plans for after university, which had been slowly sown together over the past four years, were ripped apart. 

What was I going to do now? How was I going to get past this?

Then the answer came over me, eventually. Why should I have to leave university, enter into a job, work at it for 60 years and then retire? Why couldn’t I try everything all at once? Or maybe take the next few years to try a little bit of everything, until I found something that stuck.

Sure, with bills fast approaching, it might take getting a bartending gig for a while to scrape by. Being a struggling artist is certainly not as glamorous as the movies. But if I can spend the next few years trying everything from directing fairytales to opening a cracking restaurant, why shouldn’t I? 

Why shouldn’t you?

The only thing stopping you is yourself. And maybe your parents, but at this point in life it might be time to start living for yourself…

YES it may take a few years to truly find what you like. NO you aren’t going to have a great time with every job you try. YES you might need to work at something you don’t like for a while, but the beauty of a job you hate is the beauty of what you become. You learn much more about yourself when you are outside your comfort zone. You thrive in times of struggle. Just make sure that you choose a struggle that is worthwhile.

I am excited about my journey to finding my ideal career.

Hopefully, I will try many things and land on one thing that I really love. I want to save, but I also want to explore while I am young enough and resilient enough to switch careers. Moving around jobs, I can still save where I can, and pay my bills. Supporting myself, and my loved ones around me is what is important to me. That, and spending a lifetime being as happy as possible.

I am going to try my top five careers, and I plan on taking you lazzzy students with me every step of the way. I am hoping to make a new series called, ‘The life of a 21st century graduate.’ I hope that you will join me on my journey. If you have felt the soul crushing feeling of not feeling good enough because you ‘don’t have it all figured out’ after university, please know that you are not alone. 

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