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The Good Place takes a fun, fresh approach to modern day television while injecting humour and dark twists. The Good Place is a television show, which started in 2016 and is half way through its third season to date. This whimsical series is based on what happens after you die. Although this is something that none of us like to dwell on, this series brings a unique, fresh tone on the idea of what happens after you pass on.

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ABC’s The Good Place


What is it about?

The Good Place is filled with layered characters, who subtly ease you into evaluating your life-choices, all while taking you on a whimsical adventure. Despite the wild nature of its concept, The Good Place manages to weave in real, sometimes hard-hitting life lessons while maintaining its lighter comedic value. Even the ‘bad guys’ make you appreciate the nuances of life, and the relationships we make with the people around us. The real wow factor of this series is that you will find yourself laughing at silly jokes one minute, and contemplating Plato the next. That is the real magic of The Good Place.


The Great Character Development

The most impressive element of The Good Place, is the character development. Before you even reach the mid-way point of the first season, you feel connected and emotionally involved in the main characters. The actors do a flawless job, with Kristen Bell (Eleanor) and William Jackson Harper (Chidi) holding their own, while indulging in charismatic leading roles. Two stand out characters are Michael (played by Ted Danson) and Tahani (Played by Jameela Jamil) . They help to propel the show-writers quick witted script, and remain likeable despite their flaws. The casting is certainly top class, and the charisma can generally be felt from the screen.

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ABC’s The Good Place


The Themes Running Throughout

The biggest theme of this series so far, is the characters learning lessons from their actions. The flaws in each character feel very relatable and real, giving you hope that anyone can become a better person. There is a very sincere authenticity about the characters, which makes for a fresh change compared to the usual played out protagonists in many other to series.


The Storyline

The storyline is original, and surprisingly does not feel too repetitive, despite the same predicaments being a theme throughout. This is helped by the many layers of each character. The screen time is almost always used importantly, with a very limited number of scenes feeling like time-fillers. This is likely due to the running time of 22 minutes, which nicely segments the story into watchable chunks.

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ABC’s The Good Place


Weaknesses of The Good Place

The weakest character of the series in my opinion, is Jianyu. Although Manny Jacinto does a good job of portraying the goofy sidekick, the characters humorous scenes are quite often dragged out, or lost. Although, Manny manages to retain a real sweetness to the character. This is despite being given sometimes bloated scenes that don’t always feel as though they serve much of a purpose, other than to pad out run time.

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ABC’s The Good Place


Honourable mention for Parks and Rec Easter Eggs

An honourable mention must go to all of the Parks and Recreation references sprinkled throughout all seasons. Seeing Adam Scott in this series, as well as Trevor Nelsson, is a fun reminder that they share a creator. I hope that they continue these odes throughout the series, as they are great Easter eggs.

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ABC’s The Good Place


In Conclusion…

To conclude, this series is a great watch if you are looking for a new binge-worthy TV show. It is entertaining, funny, and has genuinely heartfelt moments throughout it. The characters, even the “bad guys” are really likeable. Though the predicaments remain similar, problems are always approached by the characters with good intentions and lots of heartfelt comedy. It’s a feel-good series, which makes you evaluate your time on this earth, before you end up in The Good Place!



Overall Rating


The Good Place gets 8.5 Potatoes (Out of 10.)



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