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New and exciting updates are coming…! Lazzzy Blog.

Hey everyone 🙂 Welcome to the new Lazzzy Blog!


This is the new lazzzy blogging section, which is going to be everything that is on my mind. Circa 2008 Tumblr, but less angsty. Probably. There are some new and exciting updates coming to the site. Firstly, if you a returning visitor you will see that the headings on the main site have changed slightly. Predominantly, student tips and all things student are still the main category – yey!

Another thing I have introduced is a review category. This is going to be loads of reviews of books, films and perhaps the occasional product. I hope that this will be helpful for all of you college/uni students who are on a budget 🙂

The next section is this one. You know that because you are here – hi 🙂 This is not only going to be a blog, but it is going to be a community. Your community! Students from all around the world talking about student things. For the most part, unfiltered, genuine conversations and a way to make friends in a positive environment. I am still swaying whether to make a community group on the website, or link it to a Facebook group. Your feedback would be great, this is for you! Comment down below, or email me if you have an preferences/ideas. I would love to hear from you!

Within this section, I there is also going to be a category on current events. Basically, I know all you Lazzzy Students don’t always have time to read 20 news articles. So, this will be a section with quick explanations to news going on all around the world just now. Hopefully you will find this interesting and engaging 🙂


I know I haven’t been 100% with the whole Monday Friday thing.


Ok. so if you follow The Lazzzy Student on Facebook. you will know that I announced the other day that there will be new posts every Monday and Friday. Which is still the plan! I just wanted to apologise if I have/ever run late on this promise. I am a student, just like you. And I am trying to write a dissertation. So, I am a little busy just now. Please bear with me :,)

That’s probably everything to do with this update. So, if you have any blog post ideas, article ideas, want to write for The Lazzzy Student, drop me an email.


In the mean time, check out this post to find out what learning type you are.


Have a great rest of week, and I will be chatting to you soon 🙂



Lead writer for The Lazzzy Student x