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You’ve submitted your UCAS application. Now what?

So, you have submitted your UCAS application, and now the wait has begun.

Every time your phone pings you rush to check your email, frantically refreshing the app to see if the day has come when UCAS tracking decides to update you. You look in anguish as its Pizza Hut telling you it’s Two for Tuesday. Then you proceed to order a pizza anyway while still upset it wasn’t the email you were praying for. 

Don’t be disheartened as you reload your UCAS track for the 8th time that day while in bed watching YouTube.

Your time will come 🙂

Whether it is getting an offer at your top university (good luck!) or whether it is taking a gap year after school instead. Things will work out! Plans don’t always go the way we hope they will. But that’s not necessarily a terrible thing.

So, instead of waiting by the phone for that all important decision, here are some things you could be doing instead to pass the time.


Number One – Do something you like!

Take a day for yourself to do something you love. Put your phone away, (no your jean pocket doesn’t count as away) and go to the cinema. Take a walk, go to the library, watch some to. Anything that makes you feel great. Getting sucked into a great book is a good way of taking your mind off of the world, as is meditation – hey, don’t knock it till you try it..!


Number Two – Exercise!

Try exercising. Again, if you must use your phone due to the lack of iPods in today’s day and age situation, switch your internet off and download your Spotify songs. This will prevent you from checking your UCAS, while still being able to listen to those great tunes. Plus, exercising will make you feel better as it releases stress from your body and encourages endorphins.


Number Three – Eat some good food 🙂

Go out for dinner, or stay in to cook your favourite meal if you are on a budget. You deserve it after the hard work you have been putting in these past few years! Treat yourself to a great meal and an ice cream sundae. Sit with friends or family and have a great chat about how things are going. Have a really nice catch up, these moments are important.


Number Four – Try something new!

Whether you might be heading off to college/university, or you find yourself working and travelling instead, life is all about new adventures. This is a good time to write a list of things you would love to try. Did you see a new sport on the telly and decide that you could be the next wake boarder? Or do you find inspiration in drinking beer and want to go on a whole course dedicated to the different flavour profiles of your favourite booze? Pick something new and go for it!

This wont just take your mind off of the impending doom of UCAS, but it will broaden your horizons. Plus, you are likely to meet some great people along the way. Result!


Number Five – Volunteer!

Volunteering is honestly the most fun I have ever had. I’ve met the best people and learned so much about myself and others throughout various opportunities I have had through volunteering. Whether it is for your local charity shop, soup kitchen or Riding for Disabled Association, there are so many worthwhile causes that you can donate some time to.

Filling even just an hour or two a week, which despite excuses we give ourselves, we all have, can do wonders to help others. It feels amazing knowing you have helped someone in need. Even the smallest roles can make the biggest difference. So, hop online and do some research for your local charities!

Plus, volunteering is a great life experience to bring up in those college/university interviews! Plus, when applying for a job, your boss will love that you can show initiative while going above and beyond for others!


Number Six – Continue working hard at your current hustle!

You may still be in school and applying for your undergraduate degree, or you could be a mature student applying for a masters. Whether you are young, old, or something in between, keep working hard at what you are doing. You still have plenty of time until most courses start, so don’t waste the little time you have left in school or at your current job by staying glued to your phone refreshing UCAS tracking. Enjoy the here and the now. Don’t rush this! Keep working hard on whatever you are doing right now so that you can finish it on a high note!

A word from the wise. (Ish)

Look, I will be honest. I worked really hard in school and achieved decent grades. So, as soon as I got my university offers in, I took a back seat at school. I hate admitting that now, because I know I could have achieved so much more if I had taken more subjects during my last year and worked harder.

Make sure you do yourself proud. I know it sucks right now. School feels a little lacklustre, whatever your doing is dragging on while you jump that final hurdle. But you want to be able to look back and feel like you did your best! Take it from me, I super regret not doing advanced highers when I was probably capable of giving them a go.


A final word.

Best of luck to everyone that is waiting for results. If no one has told you already, heck even if everyone has told you already… WELL DONE YOU! You deserve a huge pat on the back for sticking with it through it all! You worked hard, and applied for college/ university. Congratulations!

I hope you get the offer(s) that you want. I truly do. But, if you don’t, I know it will be difficult, but don’t despair. There are always so many more options than you could ever imagine waiting for you. Remember, there is clearing and sometimes you can add extra choices to your application if you don’t get an offer.

Until next time 🙂


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